Step 3. Protagonist Interview

What one thing would you sacrifice almost anything to have, or to have happen?
She’s quite loyal to friends; she’d sacrifice much to keep them/help them when they need it.

What wouldn’t you sacrifice?

What one thing would you sacrifice almost anything to avoid, or avoid having happen?
Torture.  Once she finds out, she can’t handle it.

What wouldn’t you sacrifice?
Nothing. Torture trumps friendship.

What do you hate the most in the world?
“My ‘husband’.  He’s fat.  He’s sloppy.  He’s boorish.  I just couldn’t go with him.  I know I should have, but….” Eventually. Blushes deeply. “Sex.”

What do you love the most in the world?
“My freedom.  I love to travel.”

What kind of friends do you have?

What one event in your life did the most to make you a better person?

What one event in your life did the most to make you a worse person?

Something recently changed in your life. It might have been something big or small or something terrible or wonderful. However, it has provided the impetuous to make the changes necessary to break from your old track or way of doing things to risk everything that is familiar and “normal” and to strike out in a new direction. What was it?

(Answer either question:)
Following this change, you had a nightmare and woke terrified. What did you dream?

Following this change, you looked in the mirror and saw a stranger, someone capable of doing things you had never been able to do before. What do you want to do?

You have chosen to draw one moral line in the sand and not step over it. What is the line and how did you choose it?

You have one ethical quality — good or bad — that defines you to you, one quality that affects the way you deal with other people and the way they deal with you. What is it?

How do you describe your three most interesting physical features?

Who are your enemies?

Who are your friends?

Step 4. Views on Right and Wrong.

(These are for role-playing purposes, and to give us a starting point for character development.)

When is it acceptable to misrepresent the truth?
When is it required that you tell the truth?

Do you ever break the rules?
Under what circumstances and why?

Is it okay to take things?
From whom might it be okay?

How do you feel about the taking of lives?
Under what circumstances might it be acceptable or unacceptable?

Does the ends justify the means?
Are we free to choose our actions, or does fate rule our destiny?

What form of law do you approve of — anarchy, honor systems / self rule, personal codes, written law?
Should one uphold and obey the law without question or should the laws be subject to creative interpretation?
Do you have a personal honor system or unique set of beliefs?


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