Gotov System

Function: Colony

This system has been established and sponsored by another, more developed system or corporation. Colonies are generally dependent upon the sponsor for supplies, and typically are subservient to its dictates. Colony worlds aren’t independent entities, although there may be a separatist movement. Colony systems generally produce goods only for consumption by the sponsor, and thus are often prevented from developing a self-sufficient economy or acquiring significant wealth. Many colonies are devoted to agriculture and mining.

i. barren, unimproved rock planet

ii. barren, unimproved rock planet

Goldilocks Zone

iii. Aran :: Terrain: Desert, Gravity: Low, Atmosphere: Thin, Tainted
Natural Resource: Prokaryotes used in pharmaceuticals

iv. Spaceport Station / asteroid belt
Mining: Industrial and Strategic ores

v. Lytir :: Terrain: Glacier, Gravity: Typical, Atmosphere: Typical
Colony, Scout Base

vi gas giant :: cosmic string to Este

Destination Distance Time
Este( vii ) 8.5 ly 74h : 28 m

vii gas giant :: cosmic string to Alkonost

Destination Distance Time
Alkonost( viii ) 7.7 ly 67h : 27 m

viii gas giant :: no known cosmic strings

ix. gas giant :: no known cosmic strings

Gotov System

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