Attribute Race Score Mod
Strength 0 12 +1
Constitution 0 16 +3
Dexterity 0 14 +2
Agility 0 18 +4
Luck 0 12 +1
Bravery 0 14 + 2
Persistence 0 16 +3
Confidence 0 18 +4


Skill Attribute Rank Score
Computer Op intelligence i +1
Gaming, Cards Luck i +1
General Medicine, First Aid intelligence i +1
Marksmanship, Projectile Pistol Agility i +1
Personal Combat, Unarmed, Tai Chi Agility i +1
Social Science, Economics intelligence i +1
Social Science, Slaver Culture intelligence i +1
Space Science, ? intelligence i +1
Trivia, Slaver operations throughout the galaxy intelligence i +1
Value Estimation perception i +1

Sins and Virtues

Sin/Virtue 3 2 1 1 2 3 Virtue/Sin
Pride 3 2 1 1 2 3 Humility
Envy 3 2 1 1 2 3 Kindness
Gluttony 3 2 1 1 2 3 Abstinence
Lust 3 2 1 1 2 3 Chastity
Anger 3 2 1 1 2 3 Patience
Greed 3 2 1 1 2 3 Charity / Generosity
Sloth 3 2 1 1 2 3 Diligence

Protagonist Interview:

What one thing would you sacrifice almost anything to have, or to have happen?
To own the ship and be free to go my own way.

What wouldn’t you sacrifice to the ship and be free of your guardian’s legacy?
Someone else, or my life, because, as long as I am alive, there is hope for the dream.

What one thing would you sacrifice almost anything to avoid, or avoid having happen?
True slavery is something of my nightmares…I would give up a lot to avoid that.

What wouldn’t you sacrifice to avoid becoming someone else’s slave?
I would kill to avoid it, but I probably wouldn’t let someone else be killed…

What do you hate the most in the world?
Slavery in any form.

What do you love the most in the world?
Today? Taking the big risk, and coming out the winner.

What kind of friends do you have?
Very few close friends, but lots of people I know

What one event in your life did the most to make you a better person?
I suspect that my education did the most…tied with my “rescue” from the streets by my guardian.

What one event in your life did the most to make you a worse person?
Finding out about his secret business and doing nothing about it.

Something recently changed in your life. It might have been something big or small or something terrible or wonderful. However, it has provided the impetuous to make the changes necessary to break from your old track or way of doing things to risk everything that is familiar and “normal” and to strike out in a new direction. What was it?
I saw a street kid being taken by a “press gang” (Not by one of my Guardian’s crews, but still it made me realize that sooner or later that I would have to join “The Business.”┬áThat threw me into the gambling binge in which I hit it big enough for the dream to be possible.

Following this change, you had a nightmare and woke terrified. What did you dream?
Loading slaves into the ship.

You have chosen to draw one moral line in the sand and not step over it. What is the line and how did you choose it?
I will not participate in the slave trade, because, there but for the luck of the draw go I….

You have one ethical quality — good or bad — that defines you to you, one quality that affects the way you deal with other people and the way they deal with you. What is it?
The deal is the deal. The cost is the cost. Once the deal is made, I don’t try to change it, and I expect others dealing with me to be the same.

How do you describe your three most interesting physical features?
Piercing Sapphire Eyes, A scar that runs from just under my right eye to the jaw line, and tattoo on his left hand of a phoenix rising from it’s own ashes.

Who are your enemies?
Just the First mate from his first ship so far, but the day is young.

Who are your friends?
The engineer, and perhaps a few others from ships he has served on, but not many close ones.

Views on Right and Wrong.

When is it acceptable to misrepresent the truth?
When doing so would save a life or help someone to escape slavery

When is it required that you tell the truth?
Required? I think under those same circumstances mentioned when asked about lying. Also never lie to your crew. Maybe not mention something, but don’t lie.

Do you ever break the rules?
Depends on the rule…if the rule makes sense, sure, but if it doesn’t, its probably optional.

Under what circumstances and why?
Helping someone to gain their freedom, bending a rule to increase the profit…(In an empire as restrictive as this, sometimes one must adjust to keep going)

Is it okay to take things?
Yes, provided the taking doesn’t harm the original owner

From whom might it be okay?
Rich, callous people with no regard for the less fortunate.

How do you feel about the taking of lives?
Don’t like it, but sometimes you aren’t left with a choice.

Under what circumstances might it be acceptable or unacceptable?
Going back to the lying…To save a life, help someone to gain their freedom, or self preservation.

Do the ends justify the means?
Depends on the end and the means. Not all actions are justified, but sometimes, actions must be taken.

Are we free to choose our actions, or does fate rule our destiny?
Fate is the wind blowing in our sails, but we choose how to sail before the wind.

What form of law do you approve of — anarchy, honor systems / self rule, personal codes, written law?
Written Law is to controlled by the writers, most of the time, the writers have no interest in Justice or order, just control. Our word is our bond, and we are responsible for our actions.

Should one uphold and obey the law without question or should the laws be subject to creative interpretation?
One should always question, there is no such thing as a perfect code.

Do you have a personal honor system or unique set of beliefs?
My word is my bond, once a deal is reached, I will do my best to fulfill the deal. Slavery in any form is anathema.


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