Imagine a game taking place in a star-flung empire which is held together by the starships of some long-gone, ancient race. It is a bit like Stargate: Universe in that it takes place aboard an ancient starship which no one really understands. The scavengers just slapped some pasties upon the images of the forgotten goddesses and sold the ship. And it is a bit like Firefly in that the crew must take questionable cargo and jobs where they can find them in order to keep their ship flying.

Ignacio, haunted by his personal and family’s pasts, mortgaged his soul and genetic future to flee imperial and family entanglements. Aelth slipped her manacles to escape her odious husband and owner. Duke, a second-class citizen, entered the military to prove his worth only to be discarded with neither money nor opportunity. Justin was a brilliant scout pilot until an attack stripped him of an arm and leg; the service gave him crappy cybernetic replacements and kicked him into the gutter. Now they cling to the Helena in hopes that one day they might dare to have dreams again.

Episode One: Departure Advisory
As Ignacio and his crew desperately race against the transit deadlines, the entire Gustov system seems determined to delay their departure. Now, pirates race through the system with their eyes upon the cargo laden ships clinging to the rotating carcass of the orbital spaceport. How much longer can the launch window for the Helena remain open before the losses exceed the profits?

Ignacio's Inveterate Railroad

PolarSleuth Rafferty